About the Association

ABA Bylaws

The ABA supports flags along YoungfieldMission Statement

The Applewood Business Association is dedicated to the promotion, expansion and development of its members by providing services that directly aid, support and promote their business and by expressing and supporting common goals for the protection, identity and growth of Applewood Businesses and the community.

ABA Goals

To create a policy for the Association which expresses a common statement of its goals, i.e. the protection, identifications and growth of its business members.

To create an ideal set of standards and methods of business practices and services which each member will seek to attain.

To educate the public on the benefits of doing business within the Applewood business community.

To develop a liaison effort to act on behalf of the Association, relative to other organizations, groups and governments; the sole purpose being to perpetuate the Applewood Business Association, by interaction and by informing other groups as to what the ABA is and represents.

To create beneficial services specifically for the ABA members, i.e., operate a web site and other service opportunities for local business.

To generate and support events which improve the quality of life in the community.